Jayraj Salgaokar Bio

Editor, Co-Founder, Publisher & Managing Director of 'Kalnirnay', J.J.Salgaokar launched the first ever Indian web-site kalnirnay.com (NICNo. 42) in 1996. Working on mobile-telephony content management of cultural relevance, with most of the mobile operators. Wrote his first book 'Sama Vyasta' in 1976. He has been writing regular articles in Loksatta, Maharashtra Times and a column 'Blowing in the wind' in daily news paper Divya Marathi. He is a visiting lecturer on Newspaper printing technology and Internet in various colleges and media schools.

He has authored 'Kashasathi Kuthvar', 'Jag Pravaha'. 'Anijkya Yoddha Bajirao' 'Paisa Aani Madhyamvarga.' 'Saraswatancha Sankshipta Itihas' (History of Saraswat Brahmins), Mumbai Shahar Gazetteer (History of Mumbai), Curzonkal (Good side of Lord Curzon), Nava Gutenberg (A tribute to the great Gutenberg through contemporary lenses) and Gorakh Nath Enlightement (English). He was a Member on Board of Directors of Indian Institution of Forest Management, Govt. of India, Bhopal 1998-2001 and a member of committee on Labour and Employment for mid-term review (2009-2011) of Planning Commission (Govt. of India). He was also a member of the successful "Tata Everest Indian 98" expedition to Mount Everest, the first successful Indian attempt from the north-Tibet-face.

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